One of my favorite things about summertime is the opportunity it gives us for creating memories as a family. I love sitting down and planning fun outings or family activities for us to do.

However, this summer we have kind of been in a rut. Every time my husband has a day off we end up doing the SAME THING. Now the same thing is a really FUN thing (the beach) but for this past month I’ve been just lacking in the creativity department.

So last night I sat down and was thinking about things to do in the summer. I was writing out some ideas for my family and I thought, “Hey, you should share part of this on your blog!”

And so here are 100 Ideas for Summer Fun!! These things to do in the summer will work for you, whether you have kids or not. Let’s be honest, I love to do any of these things on this list, with or without my kids. Some of the ideas on this list cost money and some don’t. You can first look at this list of general ideas I came up with to get the juices flowing. Then download the blank list, print it out, and fill in what YOU want your family to do this summer.

For example, I printed out the blank list and filled in specifics on my own list, like which specific movie we are going to see or which museum we are going to visit. Have fun with it, get your husband or kids involved in the planning, and have a FANTASTIC summer making memories with your loves.

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things to do in the summer

2016 Summer Fun Ideas

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100 Ideas for Summer Fun

2016 Ideas for Summer Fun

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