About The Mrs. behind the M.D.


I’m so glad you are here! The Mrs. behind the M.D. is dedicated to you, the women who are in a relationship with an M.D., D.O., or medical student.  Being in a medical relationship or marriage is very unique and the challenges are often not understood by those who are not living it themselves. It is my hope that The Mrs. behind the M.D. can be a source of strength and support to you. Come here to learn tips and hear fresh ideas to help you survive AND thrive as a doctor’s wife.

Do I know all of the answers? Do I have a perfect, amazing marriage despite my husband’s demanding career? Ha. Um no. Those who know me and my challenges are probably wondering, “Why is SHE, of all people, starting this blog?!!”

I had the idea for this blog five years ago, during my husband’s first year of medical school. Jumping into the life of supporting a medical student was HARD, and I quickly realized that not very many people understood what my husband and I were going through. I jumped online and started looking for advice and quickly realized, there isn’t much out there for doctor’s wives!  So I thought, “Sheesh, I should make a blog about this.” But five years ago I was working full-time as a nurse and gave birth to my first son not long after. Life was crazy and it just didn’t happen.

Now fast forward five years.. and here we are! I am so excited to share what I’ve had brewing in my head for the past five years with my fellow doctor’s wives! I want to share my learning process with you and hopefully, we can all learn together. I LOVE hearing other peoples’ ideas, so please speak up in the comments! We can all use the help and support.

Here’s to having a marriage, family, and life that not only survives, but thrives, within the doctor profession!