My Story

Hi, my name is Jess! I am a wife to an amazing guy and a mother of two energetic, blonde boys. I am a nurse who recently left the workplace to be a stay at home mom. I am a cyclist, a writer, a chocolate chip cookie lover and an avid reader.


I am also a doctor’s wife. As many of my fellow doctor’s wives know, a medical marriage is very unique, with it’s own advantages and definite challenges. My husband is currently a PGY-3 physician anesthesiologist. This is our story of our medical journey, leading up to the here and now.

We met and started dating in college. I found myself falling for this optimistic, handsome, smart guy who loved star wars and making people laugh. Our romance and eventual engagement all happened before Kevin had officially decided he was going to pursue a career in medicine.

I remember him sitting me down one day when we were engaged and saying, “Look. I think I want to be doctor. But it is a hard, hard road to get to that point, with years and years of training. I don’t have to be a doctor if you don’t want that life. I can be something else. I am a business major – I can go into business instead and I know I could be successful in it. I could make a life for us.”

I asked him, “But if you were in business would you be happy? Would you enjoy what you do everyday like you would if you were a doctor?”


And that was that. He said was willing to do another career for me and our future family. But after that conversation we both knew that him becoming a doctor was what he was passionate about and we decided we would pursue this dream together, as a team.

So I have been with my man on this crazy journey of medicine since the very beginning!! We got married in 2009 and finished up our last two years of college. The last year of college was medical school application time – MCAT, applications, secondary applications and hitting the interview trail. It was a time of nervousness, hope, lots of prayers, a lot of rejections, and a lot of waiting for that one magical, fat acceptance envelope to arrive. We got accepted to our #1 choice and were beyond thrilled. Happy screaming, jumping on the bed, and ditching classes to eat a nice, celebratory breakfast was how we celebrated. Kevin was going to be a doctor!!

My husband graduated from college with his business degree and we prepared to move to our med school city. However, I still had one semester left to earn my nursing degree. I tried to transfer schools, but transferring nursing schools isn’t really a thing I found out. He moved for medical school and I stayed behind to finish up my degree. I did NOT want to throw away all of that schooling! That was a hard semester to be apart – with him stressing about starting about medical school and me not able to be there every single day to support him. But we powered through until I graduated and moved to be with him.

Medical school was definitely hard and challenging, but those 4 years were also some of my absolute favorite years. It was exciting for both of us to learn together – him learning how to be a doctor, me learning how to be a nurse as I worked my first R.N. job. We had a great support system there too – through our church and through other medical school families. We made lifelong friends whom I still keep in contact with. I absolutely love my med school family!!

We also started our family in medical school. Yup, we are one of those crazy people who had kids in medical school and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had our first son at the beginning of second year and our second son at the very end of fourth year. Was it hard? You better believe it. But I am so glad we didn’t wait until life was “easier” or for a “better” time to have kids. We just adapted to our new  normal.

My husband graduated medical school in 2015. We currently live in sunny Southern California for residency. He is a PGY-3 resident physician and his specialty is anesthesia. We are slowly but surely nearing the end of our training years. Halfway there!