No matter how long you’ve been with your man, sometimes it’s easy to stop noticing all of the good in them. You may whine over some missing qualities you wish he had or the quirks he does have that drive you crazy. Life gets in the way sometimes. It can cloud your vision of who they really are.

And I know that none of us have perfect marriages or are married to perfect men. Our marriages have their pitfalls and weaknesses and our husbands can always work to improve, just like we can.

But let’s be honest – we are married to good men, you guys. And we need to remember that!

Here are 23 Reasons Your Man is an Amazing Husband. Yes, all might not apply to your husband, but my hunch is that most will.

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1. He works or studies for his family

Your husband works, day in and day out, to provide for his family. Or, if your husband is still in school, he studies constantly so he can provide a better future for you and your children.

Being a provider is hard work. I know because I worked all through my husband’s medical school years to put him through school. It was hard to have the responsibility of providing for the family on my shoulders. Our husband’s willingly accept that responsibility every single day.

2. He Loves his kids

If you guys have kids he is their dad and he is crazy about them. He gets down on the floor and plays with them even when he is bone tired. He comforts them when they are sad or hurt. He makes them laugh ALL of the time. (P.S. – how come dads are so much funnier than moms? Not fair.) He helps discipline them because he wants them to grow into well-adjusted, hard working, healthy adults. He wants the best for his kids whom he loves so much.

3. He listens to you

Your man will sit down with you and just let you talk. Yes, sometimes his eyes may glaze over (us women have a LOT of words) but he tries his best to give you his attention. He will listen as you tell him about every detail of your day. He will listen as you talk about your worries about the kids, or the stresses at your own job, or how excited you are about an idea you have. His willingness to listen means the world to you.

4. He makes you laugh

Your husband makes you laugh like no one else can. He 100% gets you so he knows exactly how to hit that funny bone. Having someone in your life who is able to make you laugh is so important! Laughter and humor can help us get through the hardest of times and just makes life that much richer.

5. He helps around the house

I LOVE that my husband helps me around the house! I know that every husband is different, with some men doing more or less around the house than others. But chances are your husband is doing SOMETHING to help around the house, even if it seems small. Like taking out the garbage. Or wiping down that nasty high chair. Or doing the dishes. Or making the bed or helping to pick up toys. Even the little things can be valued because it shows he cares about supporting you in the home.

6. He is trustworthy and faithful

Your husband is someone you can trust. You trust him with your secrets, with your insecurities and weaknesses, and with your heart. He is faithful to you as his wife and would never betray that trust.

7. He trusts you

Just like how you trust him, he chooses to trust you. He trusts you to love him always, despite his shortcomings. He trusts you to be kind and considerate. He trusts you with your role as the mother to your children. He trusts you to always be there for him and he trusts that you believe in him.

8. He allows you to be yourself

Isn’t it amazing that you get to be with someone your whole life that allows you to just be YOU? You husband loves the REAL you and gives your permission to be yourself. Not everyone in your life does that but he does. You can have your weird quirks and funny habits and he loves you for it! He celebrates those unique things that make you YOU.

9. He protects you.

Your man protects you. He makes sure that you and your children are safe. He works hard to make sure you are living in a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood. He discourages you when you want to do something potentially dangerous, like going for a run by yourself at night.

He also protects you from the not-so-lethal things that still freak us out. For example, he will kill nasty, humongous spiders for you or scare away the skunk that is in your backyard (true story).

10. He respects you

Your husband honors and respects you. He protects your privacy and your weaknesses. He talks to you and talks about you in a respectful way. He respects and honors your role in the marriage and in your role as a mother. He expresses appreciation and respect for you and how you choose to live your life.

11. He puts you first

He puts you as his first priority. He puts you above his friends, above his sports, above his TV shows, above his career. When he is done with work he comes home as soon as he can to be with you. You are so important to him and he shows and tells you often.

12. He is a great kisser 

Like one of my favorite quotes in the movie Sweet Home Alabama: “Why would you want to marry me anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” Seriously, it’s pretty awesome that we get to kiss the love of our lives whenever!

13. He tries his best

Your man is trying to be the very best version of himself he can be. He tries his best. And his best is definitely not perfect (neither is yours!) but he is trying and that’s what matters.

So what if he leaves his socks all over the floor? Or he comes home with the wrong thing from the grocery store? Or he dresses your kid in clothes that definitely do NOT match? It’s normal to feel frustrated over shortcomings, but let the small ones go. If there are some big problems or things that need to change then communicate this to him. Once he realizes or understands how important it is to you he will continue to try his best to change and improve.

14. He takes you on dates

Dating your husband is so much fun. Remember before you were married, when he would plan these fun or romantic dates for just the two of you? Now that you’re married it is still such a treat when he takes you out. Sometimes it might not happen as often as you would like, depending on his work schedule or on finances. My husband and I definitely don’t date as much as we want to, his work hours are just crazy! But I absolutely love whenever we are able to run away and go on a date as just the two of us for a bit, and it’s my absolute favorite when he plans it.

15. He supports your role as a mom

If you two have kids he supports you in your role as the mother to his children. He encourages you when the kids are being wild and you are just done. He reassures you that you are a good mom even on the days where you yell and throw toddler-sized tantrums yourself. He knows how important your work as a mother is and he 100% supports you.

16. He tells you you’re beautiful (and he means it)

This one is huge! We just need to hear that we are still beautiful to our husbands, even years or a lot of children later. The best part about it is, when our husbands say we are beautiful, we know they mean it. So when he does tell you how cute you look today don’t wave it away – accept it! Say thank you and appreciate that he tells you.

17. He is kind

Your man is kind. He cares about other people. He helps others when they need something and is the first one to volunteer when help is needed. He is kind to his parents, to his siblings, to his kids, and to you. I am so grateful, everyday, for my husband’s kind heart.

18. He encourages you

You are so lucky to have someone in your life who encourages you and believes in you. When you tell your husband an idea you have he says, “That sounds great! You should totally do it.” Not everyone is as supportive or motivating as he is.

19. He is forgiving

Just like he isn’t perfect, you are not perfect either. If you guys survived dating and both decided to get married, you KNOW that he is forgiving. There is no way he would have made that kind of commitment to someone unless he was forgiving of that person’s faults and shortcomings. Thank goodness our husband’s are forgiving – God knows we need forgiveness from them daily!

20. He’s disciplined

If your husband is able to work and provide for the family, it shows he is disciplined. He is able to get up and get to where he needs to be on time. He is able to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. He is able to fulfill commitments and get done what needs to be done.

21. He finds the fun in life

This is totally what my husband does. I am the boring, stick in the mud in our relationship and he is the fun one! Even in hard situations, he finds a reason to laugh. He’s the one that makes jokes, creates the fun for our kids, and sees the bright side of things when I feel like I can’t.

22. He is your teammate

Your husband is your teammate, your partner in crime, the one that is by your side through thick and thin! How amazing is he for sticking through with you all this time?! You and your husband are a team, and what an incredible team you are. Don’t forget that you two are meant to work together.

23. He LOVES you

And the last and BEST reason that your man is an amazing husband – he loves you. He loves the real, imperfect, beautiful you. He loves you enough to stay with you and care for you through life’s ups and downs. He loves you every single day and, for that alone, he is amazing.