Here is a list of resources for those who are married to a medical student or doctor. I personally use these resources or have read these books and think they are FANTASTIC. Check them out!

Lives of Doctor's Wives FoundationI LOVE this organization. It's an NPO that provides various programs to help fellow doctor's wives. Not only that, they have an incredible private Facebook group with over 5,000 members - all doctor's wives! This Facebook page has been a lifesaver for me during really hard times. Seriously, check it out... like now.

Physician Family - This is an online magazine that is specifically for medical spouses and their families. I love this publication! Their articles are fantastic and it's completely free to read.

Your Doctor's Wife - This is a blog that I love to read. Unfortunately the blog owner hasn't written a post in a year but I love perusing her archives. She has very good advice for us doctor's wives.

His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proofed MarriageMy husband and I have read this book and love it. Now hear me out! Don't be freaked out by the title. No, neither of us have ever had an affair and we don't plan on it! This book helps you identify each others' needs in your marriage so you can then meet those needs. It comes with helpful worksheets and everything too. It has been so helpful to us, especially during these tough training years.