If your husband is a medical professional, he probably has some old white lab coats from his training years. And where are those white coats right now? Let me guess – shoved in the verrrrry back of your closet. Or folded up in a box somewhere.

I mean, he will never use it again but you definitely don’t want to get rid of it – it’s such a unique keepsake of his journey to where he is today. So you’re stuck storing it somewhere and chancing upon it every 5 to 10 years, right?

Well lucky for you, I have a better way for you to make that white coat into an INCREDIBLE keepsake. Just like you, my DrH’s medical school white coats have just hung in the very back of the closet. Until now!!

white coat teddy bear

Seriously, isn’t this the most amazing thing ever?!! I have been so excited for WEEKS to introduce you guys to Holly and her shop, Hollysteddyshop. Not only is she crazy talented, she is ALSO a fellow doctor’s wife!!

Holly specializes in turning that white lab coat from medical school, residency, dental school, or any other medical profession into a tangible, one-of-a-kind keepsake that you can hug and love. And I mean seriously, how can you not love this little guy?!

teddy brick collage

So how did Holly come up with the idea of a white coat teddy bear?!!

While Holly’s DrH was in residency she was thinking of ways to help her kids adjust to having Dad gone all of the time. She said, “After trying to figure out what to do with the clutter of the many white coats my husband acquired over the years, I saw one of my kids hugging one and he told me “I miss my daddy.” Lightning struck.”  Holly opened up Hollysteddyshop with the creation of that first white coat teddy bear.

Holly’s husband just recently finished fellowship and the two of them and their three children are living in New Hampshire where her DrH works as an ENT surgeon. They made it to their “it gets better” job – it’s possible!  

When talking about their medical journey, Holly said, “It has been a hard journey and it has been very taxing on us, but it has made me even more grateful for everything that we have now.” I love to hear survivor stories from fellow doctor’s wives and to hear that it really does get better.

The process for getting our White Coat Teddy Bear made was so simple. I sent Holly one of my husband’s medical school white coats and was sent back our adorable teddy bear. It was a painless process for me. Instead of me wrestling with my sewing machine and trying to figure this out on my own, I just dropped DrH’s white coat in the mail and that was that. The most “work” I did was to dig the white coat out of the closet and to drive to the post office.

Each teddy bear is handmade by Holly herself. This would make the PERFECT gift for any medical professional. Let Hollysteddyshop do the work for you and you will have an incredible gift and memento to remember the achievements and accomplishments of your medical journey for years to come.

Jaxon teddy_collage

Not only does Holly create teddy bears from white lab coats, she also creates Memory Bears. If you have some clothing or fabric that means a lot to you – like baby’s first onesie or Grandpa’s old shirt – Hollysteddyshop can turn that fabric into a memorable keepsake. It is a fantastic way to use that special clothing that you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t sure what to do with.


And guess what?!! Hollysteddyshop and The Mrs. behind the M.D. are partnering up to GIVEAWAY one White Coat Teddy or one Memory Bear!! The winner will get to choose which one they want. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one – it’s such a unique product and my whole family loves it.

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Special thanks to Hollysteddyshop for partnering with The Mrs. behind the M.D. I was given a product in exchange for my review, however all opinions are my own.